Aazim's Puppet Phase_EXP-1Last week when I visited home , my little nephew ran up to me and held up two cardboard cutout figures , he called them cardboard puppets. I went “wow! and now tell me who they are?” He said ” The one on the left  – That’s you uncle, and the one on the right is Wappa ( his father) ” 😀

He is going through this cutting and sticking phase where any piece of cardboard/paper gets turned in to some person in the family 😀

I asked him where is Aazim , and he held up one that he was working on and tapping his chest with smile said – ” Aazim !! “


Aazim's Puppet Phase_EXP-4

After a while he got busy with making more of them , when he came back with them , there were two more of them .

Aazim's Puppet Phase_EXP-6

I was surprised and touched as  he had remembered his cousins Adhaan and Diya my kids who aren’t living with us anymore .We laid them down in a row and took a picture .Diya and Adhaan perhaps one day you will read all this , know this that there is not one day that we don’t remember you guys and you both are being missed .

Children can be so innocently thoughtful , I don’t know how Aazim takes to all the creative projects we both get involved in ,does he know that I miss my kids and wish  that I could do the same things with Diya and Adhaan ?  Perhaps one day when they are more understanding , we all can work on something together – wow!! all 4 creative heads put together !!- now how creative and fun would that be !! 😀