Yes my little nephew’s puppet making phase is still on the go, and its moving up!! This visit home for Ramadan, he couldn’t be happier to see me. Now he can make all the pending so called ” Aazim’s projects” – now famously coined termed  among the other family members.

This time instead of card boards he came up with old ceiling sheets removed  from our car porch , where Brother’s new home clinic is being constructed -yeah bro’s  dentist !

I drew up the outlines, this time I thought we’d make life size – Aazim’s size!! Dad did the cutting and shaping (I wish I had pics of those). We (Aazim and I) got out some old nuts and bolt from Dad’s ‘treasured’ tool chest and attached the appendages – (yup! Dad’s the handy man of the house)!


Attaching the body parts

After  few nuts and bolts …..


Aazim poses with his newly created (friend) Project

After a day or two, while I was cleaning up before Ramadan. Aazim shows up with his friend all dressed to play  – (His shorts and his father’s shirt! D)


With children all it takes is just a spark of creativity and they will set their own creative paths. Thoroughly enjoyed seeing this one!!