Last Sunday:

Aazim wanted to go on a Picnic to this place nearby called ” Kodikuthi Mala ” It is a small hill where recently tourism is slowly starting to catch up . Considering the summer season setting in , We would have to be there early in the morning,  and be back before the heat  starts to kick in .

The previous night I had slept pretty late in fact into wee hours of the next day – which was a Sunday.I had  plans to sleep in a bit before a video shoot project that was to take place the same day. If it wasn’t for the enthusiasm and interest shown by my nephew I would have backed out . Moreover the whole family was keen on it – just for his sake 🙂 Brother had mentioned that he promised Aazim that we would take him there , and wanted to uphold the promise . I felt proud and good .

So at 6:30 we were all ready ,even my cousin and her family had shown up . All of us had that early morning face , but I guess we were all excited in our little way . The drive wasn’t too long , I suppose around 12- 15 km of which 6km is the climb to the top of the hill . We all left in two cars .


They had the board on the ground !!?



The climb starts and I see  cyclists and i noticed the change this place has gone through over the years

With a few more turns and small hair pin bends , we start to reach the top . Also there the sky turns foggy and the air is cooler .


At the entrance


The area where water would get accumulated during  the monsoons

This was a sad sight to see the walls being done up like this by people visiting there , I could relate the art but , even then 😦

KO019Onward on the trek KO021

Beautiful view looking back

Aazim was all over the place , with running around and climbing on rocks!. This one he particularly wanted me to click ! KO024KO025

Hmm is that selfie expression ?? – he seems to be learning from his sister 😛


Interesting how the tree seems to have grown from underneath that boulder , well where there is will there is way ! At least ( pic below ) the will was all the way with my mum who seemed to be handling the trail pretty well .. thanks to her yoga sessions 🙂


Dad mom : We wish to walk together not behind each one anotherKO032

This was one of those moments where you want to take shot and some one or the other walks in to frame ? 🙂 Wanted to have Aazim jump up and click him in the air but ….


Talk about right time at the wrong place ! or the wrong time at the right place ???KO035.

Together !

Nageebmama scouts out ahead and finds us a nice picnic spot !


Dad takes the senior citizens privileged trail to the spot KO039


KO042This was a nice spot good to relax have a picnic and nice for shots too .KO043

Nieces and Nephew

Our breakfast , Peanut butter and Jam sandwich KO049

Aazim is on his treasure hunt and comes back with his findings – reminded me of my younger days and wondered if Adhaan ever did stuff like this .


Goofing around with his sister


Learning to do a selfie from the generation of selfie experts KO054

OK I guess I am not the only one who is learning , dad with his vivo !!


Nageebmama up close 🙂KO058KO058b

Faseetha up close

AAzim goofing off on the tree boys will be boys !!


Time to chow down , that’s when I noticed that Father and Daughter had worn a similar color theme !!..OK photographers bug bite here ! I’ll go back to posting the rest now !

And we weren’t the only ones


Knowing dad if  take this photo , another version with  tiger or giraffe is bound to get super imposed in the pic above ( inside joke ) KO065


Family shot : The pre shots before I set the timers on the camera , framing in such that I can make room for myself .


3 other person are missing here in the group , Adhaan and Diya if you do  read this one day, know this that you are all being missed not just from this frame but from our lives and you all are always , always with in the frames of my heart . Miss you a lot.


Its the summer and after 8 the  heat starts to  glare down , so we packed up and waked back down KO084

Aazim  was leading the way down , suddenly  he stops and points calling out with excitement !


He wanted his shot taken on the same boulder ! – I guess he loves this boulder 😛

Cousins goofing off


You are never too old to have some fun ~

Down at the parking area was small local hotel , the food wasn’t ready yet but that wouldn’t have mattered much as , most of us won’t be eating from such a place. I think expect me and Bhabi :), besides that we had to get back , I had the video shoot too

But there is always time for some freshly made  fried bananas


At this point I came to know that the trail lead all the way up to the top , so as always there something to come back for . next time !! Was a fun morning , worth missing the 2 hrs of sleep in , feeling good about making Aazim’s morning an awesome time .

I was amazed how each person in the family tried to up hold that promise for Aazim. There is positive change in the way parenting has evolved at home and I see the results with  my nephew .I so much wish my own children could have been a part of this. perhaps one day they can 🙂


Thank you Nageebmama for the above 2 pics , I usually end up behind the cam and prefer it that way , but these ones are great !!