Arown academy hosted a 10 km and 6 km marathon last Sunday at Calicut beach , It was a charity fund raising event for Institute of Palliative Medicine , Calicut . It was put together in a short period with  lot of support from IPM staff and volunteers, and Odraa Calicut club .

We had to reach the beach pretty early in the morning, where a few volunteers had even stayed over at IPM the previous night to make in time of the event .

Marathon Pics-00

The morning sun was just waking up as the event was gearing to start . Anwarka was greeted with a lot friends and acquaintance .


The Registration counter had spot registrations for the those who had missed out to register earlier and also for the impulsive ones who wanted to get in on it for the good cause.

Marathon Pics-02

Anwarka’s son Ibrahim, IPM volunteers Fulaij and Akaash , hadn’t come prepared to run but with a little persuasion they too signed up  ( in some cases a lot persuasion :P)

Marathon Pics-04

Marathon Pics-04a1


Also this special contestant

Marathon Pics-03

While the runners were being  briefed on one end  ,the volunteers were being briefed at the other end

We even had recent member to the pack  Ladheedha Rayya – fondly  called ” Laddu ” take up an active role in helping out with things with our ever so energetic volunteer and( my lil sis )Wafa Sainabi !!

Marathon Pics-11Marathon Pics-12The runners gearing up , they were momentarily distracted by the drone cam hovering on top , Dr Anwar Director of IPM was called in to flag of the marathon  .

Marathon Pics-13

Marathon Pics-14

Dr.Anwar flags off the event and they are off !!!

Marathon Pics-16

Marathon Pics-15

Marathon Pics-17

There were two sets , a 10 km run and a 6 km run , Each participant would get a wristband at the checkpoint marking the KM they had to cover. Green was for 10 km and orange for the 6 km.

Marathon Pics-22
OK guys ! All done !!


We needed to get to the finishing point so the volunteers helped moved the things Wafa and Laddu hands on deck ! 😛 Fawaz also joined in !

Marathon Pics-26

All ready to receive the runners at the finishing point – but not before a small break at the local tea stand ! 😛

Set 2-04


Set 2-05

Set 2-06

Walking back to the finishing point


Laddu gets posted !! ( I mean literally posted to hold the finishing line ..confused as to what she needs to do – Hold the line tight ? , Release as they come ? ..or loosen it when the runners run by ?? I really don’t remember how she managed that , perhaps she can tell us when she reads this 😛

The runners start to arrive – the 1st 2nd and 3rd 6 km winners

Set 2-12

Set 2-16a

The 1st 10km runner

Our special contestant arrive a few minutes after

Our IPM staff follows by closely !!


More runners come in

Safreena completes  the 6km run


 Inspiration to all ……


I met up with our special runner Mr.Riyas from Thikkodi, who runs a garment shop. In a brief conversation with him, he said he was fatally injured from a bike accident and lost the ability of his legs, But that has not stopped  him from living his dreams . He is associated with rehab groups and actively participates in such special events to spread the awareness and good social messages . In Fact he mentioned that  he was off to see off another friend who is  on a program called Drive to Delhi , where his friend Ranjith  who is partially paraplegic was going to drive to delhi and meet the Prime Minister . We talked about he race a bit a more . He loved taking up such challenges and be a part of such an event. A few others came to meet him . Each one had immense appreciation and admiration for Mr.Riyas.



It was time for him to get going , so he requested us to help him pack up his Racing Wheelchair .

Its very nerving to see him struggle with something we seem to take so granted for life. Something as simple as just standing up. It seems the only the time he ever stands up is when he is on the scooter and needs check something in the compartment under the seat .He makes things looks effortless with such a challenge – makes us wonder what the hell are we doing with our lives ! and I am sure there are many out there as Riyas who are brave souls trying to make a life in a world made for normal  people who take their god given abilities for granted !

Mr.Riyas left after collecting his participation certificate in advance. Thanking us with a smile






Vinod Kovoor appreciates the young girl who ran the 10km stretch

Vinod Kovoor……

After all the runners had returned, there was some lighter moments with the actor Vinod Kovoor famously  known for the character Moosaka in M80 Moosa – a malayalam comedy series .He personally congratulated the winners of  10 and 6km run


He appreciated the efforts taken by Arown Academy for hosting such an event and more so the efforts IPM -Calicut had taken in service of the ones nearing their end of life He accepted the request to  entertain the crowd with a local folk song later .

A few words from IPM staff and Administration………

Prize distribution…..

The winners 1st 2nd and 3rd place receive their cheques and trophies


As promised Vinod Koovor entertained the crowd with a local folk song – was a amazing treat !! made the day the all the more energetic and I could see that with our  close nit volunteer group – Fuliaj , Wafa and the gang !


Later all the Volunteers were handed appreciation certificates for a job well done , there was also the distribution of passion fruit seedlings which many  contributed to IPM later

Participation Certificate……..

Senior volunteer Prakash Mathew receiving his certificate and seedling



Other IPM staff with their certificates and the donation received by IPM ( below)


Lighter moments……

New folder (2)-1

The 10km runner(s) …!!! pick the odd one out ! 😀

Appreciating Fulaij Before the 2.3km news !!


After  the news spread of the special 2.3 KM !!


New folder (2)-004

New folder (2)-003.jpg

Wafa with all the ( others )  certificates she bagged 😛

ligher 9.jpg

The event came to an end by  10 am , the ground was cleared as everyone packed up. Most of us had  had slept very late the previous night, and had gotten up pretty early for the event – Mr. Sleep had started to knock , was time to get moving , all the passion fruit seedlings were loaded into a car and was taken to IPM .

New folder w.jpg
We were tried and sleepy I guess so the only shot take at the hotel

We all went to Rahamath restaurant for breakfast!! the next most important event of the day ! 😀  As with all events that I have been to here , very few of them ends without food . It felt like the comic Asterix , where every story ends with a feast!! always it was the best 3 F’s  Friends Food and FUN ! :P…