On a break from work routine, dropped in at my uncle’s for a visit. It was about 5 in the evening. I usually hang with him and most of the conversations revolve around aquariums, not to mention he is the one who builds most of my aquariums. It was close to 6 and was about to leave when they suggested I stay for dinner. My Lil cousin with an excited tone chirps up ” We are making one-pot spaghetti !” I have heard spaghetti and meatballs but this …?? ( the foodie in me kicked in ) This I got to try! Not to mention it’s been a long time ( too long ) since I blogged about anything after my accident last year. So we thought we’d do photo documentation on how it was made !!

The base ingredient
Cutting up the tomatoes

Shim gave 3 straight whips to a smooth watery paste

Spaghetti in the pot, waiting to be flavored !!

Pour in the paste …

I guess everyone has their own way of making spaghetti. I usually cook in the spaghetti 1st and then add in the sauce and flavors later. Here everything went into a pot ( I suppose that’s why it’s called One Pot Spaghetti !! ( DUH ~!!! 😛 )

Adding in the rest of the flavors, Chili flakes, and extra flavor of tomato puree !…to bring out that extra tangy taste.

Now to cook it all up, pouring in water that binds the whole savory to come together, eh… that too and we need to cook the spaghetti too!! 😛

Another new thing for the amateur cook that I am – I never would have thought of cooking spaghetti in a pressure cooker. I guess as most things are handed down to us watching our mothers/fathers cook, I always seen my mum one of the best cooks I have known make spaghetti in an open pot. So I guess I just followed that, well at least up until now !!

Bringing it to a boil ….

After 30 some minutes voila it’s done !. My uncle and Lil coz did do a check-in to see if it was done in between, after the 1st or two steam. but eventually, we had our dinner staring at us waiting to be garnished with herbs and salt to our individual liking.

At the Dinner table :

I think I would try this out in the future I might add in cheese or perhaps some veggies to it, but overall, I found this a quick and easy way to cook up a good meal!

Uncle, Aunt, and Lil coz, all say sat down to enjoy the food, the time, the conversations, and most of all the company. Had a good break from my work routine, refreshed, and with a full belly, I headed back home.

Most of these shots were done with my camera phone so there are some issues with quality that I am aware of, but the Nik P7800 just wasn’t capturing well in the low lighting conditions. Anyhow, I suppose it’s a good start to get me blogging again More posts on the way – all of you have a blessed day !!