There is a ancestral property near our home. I used to go there in my childhood days along with my  mum’s eldest brother. My uncle supervised the agricultural work there, and during holidays I would accompany him. Well things have changed a lot from then. My uncle  passed away when I was about 11 years old and now his brother has leased out the property to run a poultry. I hoped to take Adhaan my son one day, as my Uncle would take me but fate has is that it’s my nephew who got the chance to come along –
Also during my college days me and my friend would go there with our MTB bikes and ride down hill .Since Aazim is now in to cycling, I wanted him to have a more or less a mountain biking experience.



We needed to check out the place 1st, so much has changed over there.Had  to see if there was even a trail  to ride through. So before we took out our cycles over there, Aazim and I scouted out the place on mark-II.




So much had changed, I mean there was a poultry farm there, with other animals and ducks too. But luckily, half of the ride track that we used to take was still there. The up hill and down hill track was now over grown with weeds and vegetation.




So we went back to get our cycles, The ride out to the place was a bit too risky for Aazim to cycle so, got his father to give us ride carrying Aazim’s cycle out there in his car.


1521226521286.jpgAll gearing up







1521226505004.jpgWe take rounds from one end to another . We throughly enjoyed our selves. I was able to show him how to tackle the loose soil area and when to ride up over hard trails. It was all cycle till his attention caught on something on the ground .

1521259184742.pngIt was getting hot and we needed to get back but Aazim’s attention had got caught on what every young kid in these parts can not resist!! Lucky Red Seeds
Now he was eager to load up his cycle , but he was not ready to leave, off course not without collecting a handful of these red seed rubies !!!



While his father loaded up Aazim’s cycle , he was far gone in search for his Lucky Red Seeds .1521226555737.jpg


On reaching back the 1st thing Aazim did was to wash up his newly found treasure ,


1521226559663.jpgBrother had made a refreshing cup of orange juice , best way to unwind and relax after an awesome day!!