After the heat of my nephews Puppet Project had died down. His next, Uncle and Nephew gig was ….You guessed it Tadpoles !! 😛


Down at our ancestral pond where we found them


Aazim with net container all ready for the catch !!

We took some water 1st and next to scoop up some tadpoles

This was the process . He was all giggles and laughs as some started to get on his feet and tickle him 🙂




Yup  I think we had enough, though we said we’d bring home 5 of them. For Aazim it wasn’t like catching fish , these tadpoles were a breeze to scoop up and he thoroughly enjoyed that part !!


There must about 20 -30 of them in there !!!

Washed up an old plastic bin

DSCN9233Moved them to their new dwelling


Now to add in a plant




All set now to move it carefully to an area safe




He insisted we cover this up to be on the safe side, he was concerned about the birds. Perhaps he might be right, we do live right next to the paddy feels and we often see birds in the paddy feeding on small fish and crabs .

Now we wait for them sprout legs and hands , watch the tail vanish away – soon to be froglets ….and watch them jump away freely 🙂

Ah boys ! …they need to explore !! One day I will be able to do this with Adhaan … Inshall Allah