Sunday , we went to check up on the tadpoles , We needed to feed em something Aazim stated. I suppose we can feed some earthworms! I mean that’s what I fed em when I was having them at Aazim’s Age 🙂  ( ok MAY BE  lot older than Aazim 😛 )

No sooner had I mentioned that Aazim was already out with his spade and digging away


Finding the tiniest one at 1st  and then landed with a bigger one

The Tadpoles 1st had a nip and then one by one they just caught on , IMG_0752

I guess the word must have gone around the bin, soon there was  a whole swarm of them


Aazim picks one up to check if its started to grow legs?


Hopefully will see some tiny webbed feet soon, when I visit next time