Last week went to see an Art Exhibition by the Artist Shabna Sumayya at the Laithakala Academy a self taught Artist who hails  from Aluva and works as  freelance illustrator and a homemaker .

I had not been to one in a very very long time . At 1st I just walked about looking at all the artwork at a glance. Looking at things like the color and  composition and overall feel of the paintings. All the while I was making a mental note of which painting I would like to get back to .


I guess after going around imbibing the two rows, I had my favorites and a couple of my “wows” ones. All in all they all were amazing works but the thing with art is , it has its  way of connecting with viewer in a unique way , it depicts an element that appeals to each person, and here all the paintings though seemed to have a theme , each piece of art had its uniqueness in terms of color, composition, balance and that element which appealed to the viewer in their own respective way

I am not an art critic, so what I would be stating here is not the assessment of the Artist’s works. While I had my selections against others, finally after the 3rd walk around I started to really get drawn in. Anju  and Ladhidha- two newly found friends  asked me what I liked about the paintings.It would have been the colors, the comp, the treatment even , but what appealed to me most was the inner story that certain ones conveyed to me .



Each painting had its own point , if it was the content  or theme in some , it would be the colors in others that drew you in to it. You could stand there mesmerized in its color for minutes to hours on end , if you choose to forget your own time and space . Making you think , past and forward loosing the present and some even posed questions and provoked endless thoughts.



 There were some digital works too , and the overall theme was about women. I would suppose my friends there Anju, Ladhidha and Wafa could really relate to a lot of emotions that was conveyed through each artwork.


The (below) one  was referenced  out of  shot taken from a Mobile Camera , so I was told by Faizel Hassainar the artist’s better half .” The jelly fish was referenced but the background work of depth  and imagination was all her ! .. I could sense pride in his tone when he stated that ! he must feel really proud about his wife who is  actually a self taught artist  🙂



So much of emotions conveyed here


I have see this on her FB page and it seemed to draw you into the light even more in person.A22

The world around her

This expression I loved the most , especially with her eyes I could feel the sadness in them.


She seemed to be very much inspired by the Koi fish , dragon and butterflies, feathers and seeds . Most of her paintings had this element in them . The more I took time with each painting, the more each elements appealed to me. It was like the colors , the tone  and theme was swirling all around . The below ones were I spend most of the time gazing in to time and space . These paintings not only related to me alone but , also the  people who I had come know closely in my life. I could sense the emotion they had experienced in life through many of these art works . Amazing how one person’s vision and art can reach out to so many individuals and on so many levels !





Wafa my little sis and Anwarka my big bro 😛




My friends meeting and chatting with the Artist herself . There was much respect for her, it was nice to see that a lady from the faith that she is from , being able to express her feelings through art.  As much as her art work took me to days long ago , the artist herself also had mannerisms about her that brought back memories of persons from the past . To be honest I was hit with a huge beam emotions of colors shades and lines that seem to come at me with lighting speed from  moments , memories and thoughts from my life . I found it difficult to conversate towards the end .Later that night I complimented the art through messenger.

“Reaching deep in to the sole – disturbed a few memories , but I suppose that’s what a painting should do – be able to reach in within your thoughts , soul and emotions, looking forward to seeing your works – Good luck “



Even though all was amazing, there are still those ones that get you hooked on and that ask you questions . I might not have captured the actual message what the Artist wanted to convey here , but as I mentioned earlier art reaches out to each one in its own unique way .

“…..memories and thoughts that had been kept away-, missing you Dee, – is this what your world is like ? That one side has a world of colors and another is dark – wonder what you part of your world do you attribute me to – or do I ever even come in to the canvas ….”

A strong supportive shoulder to lean on – Faizel Hassainar her partner in Art ( right side in the picture )  is also an Artist and Designer himself from Mudakayam  Kottayam district and running a IT company ! I was 1st introduced to the couple over social media, there was a photo of him and his wife working on this  amazing wall art and the 1st thought that came to me was ” What a beautiful combination”.. and I wasn’t referring to the art work alone but the artists themselves -Do check out their profiles on FB and you will not be anything but less than Amazed !


We stayed on till closing time. Taking in all the amazing art works and  visuals which was captured  on to  my heart  and mind more than what could be captured by my camera .

The day ended with the best F’s – one could have – Friends, Food and Fun ! – was an amazing evening -Masha Allah……more on the evening on a later post !! 🙂

Shabna Sumayya and Faizel Hassainar  -Congratulations and thank you

Shabna Sumayya  Faizel Hassainar– ( Check out their profiles here )